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How To Make Lo Mein Noodles

You’re Invited over to our Sunday Dinner! Today it’s about not being intimidated by new foods! Lo Mein has been on my mind lately. There are all sorts of noodles. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.  I stretched myself by making Chinese LoMein Noodles!  I love food and trying new recipes, especially on my guinea pig family! I didn’t starve them this time to eat a good lunch.

091519 Lo Mein Noodles Ek SFF .pngI’m only posting the LoMein instructions because I haven’t yet perfected my sauce.  I know there are a lot of sauces out there I can try but I was rushed this one particular day and had to use what was handy.  I’ll say I was pretty handy at conjuring up a quick Pantry homemade sauce to drench my meat and noodles in.  It was very authentic. Let’s begin with noodles!

091519 Lo Mein Noodles Ek SFF  (2).png

Begin with boiling a big pot of water until it boils.  Drop in the noodles and give it a quick stir to loosen up the noodles and prevent some sticking. Follow the instructions and you will have the best noodles on the block. Leave in the hot boiled water for about 5 minutes then drain and ready to serve with your choice of toppings.

091519 Lo Mein Noodles Ek SFF  (3).png

I’ll post my super fast version of this flank steak and sauce.  I simply marinated 2 pounds of flank steak with  about a half cup of soy sauce, ginger, and garlic for over 2 hours. Dried up any moisture off the meat before sauteing in a cast iron pan with some sesame oil and black pepper.  Next, I tossed the meat and cooked until just browned. Tossed in the oven at 350 degree oven and baked for another 10 minutes while the noodles were doing their thing. With the reserve sauce in pan, I mixed in some corn starch, beef seasoning, and water to make a thick sauce. You can easily toss in some veggies such as sliced mushrooms. Once meat is ready, sprinkle in some chopped green onions, and serve as show below. You can always use the shortcut of store bought teriyaki sauce over the meat and sauce.  Or some siracha to spice it up a bit. 091519 Lo Mein Noodles Ek SFF (1)





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