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How To Layer An Enchilada Casserole

Welcome Friends!  You’re Invited to Our Sunday Dinner!  I’m always so excited to share some recipes from my home to yours. Today it’s all about layering an Enchilada Casserole.  If you prefer to individually roll them it would be the same ingredients.  I find when I’m short on time a casserole is the perfect solution to feeding my hungry family of 5.  And it is so much better as a left over the next day! Yummy delicious!

Enchilada Casserole Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley Sunday Dinners

As always, let’s gather some ingredients. I didn’t put the enchilada sauce recipe here because, 1) it’s an eyeball sauce so I don’t have precise measurements for you.  Next, time I will.  I promise. So in the meantime, grab a can of already made enchilada sauce.  I would recommend McCormick Enchilada Sauce Mix if you can’t find a Canned Enchilada Sauce you like. This recipe serves 5+ and some left overs for the next day.


Enchilada Sauce Can or Mix  (Follow the directions on packet. Get make sure to get enough sauce can or mixed for 2 lbs. if you are following this exact recipe.  If not, use half if you are cutting it down.)

1 pack of 20 corn (white or yellow) count tortillas

2 lbs ground beef (Can also use turkey beef.)

Lots of shredded cheese – I use Mexican Blended Cheeses which are already mixed in a bag.  (We usually have a huge bag on hand but for this recipe a 2 to 3 lbs of cheese will do.)


Enchilada Casserole Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley Sunday Dinners (2)

Step 1: Ground beef until done.  Heat the sauce until hot.

Gently insert one corn tortilla into the already sauce and allow to soften and soak up the flavors of the sauce before gently scoping out and begin the layering process.  Here I used a regular 9×12 baking pan.

I use 10 corn tortillas for my cheese tray and 10 more for my meat and cheese tray.

Follow the short video I posted next.


Step 2: Follow Video.

Step 3: Once done with the layering process toss in 400 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes until cheese is bubbling and melted. I have 1 tray (Use disposable pans if you’re not much into cleaning up.)  with no meat for my picky eaters and 1 tray with meat.  Enchilada Casserole Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley Sunday Dinners (1)

Serve with  my spanish rice recipe, beans, veggies, and your favorite salad. Dinner is served! Buen Provecho!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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