How to Completely Re-purpose a Summer Wreath into a Fall Fabulous Wreath?

This a quick, easy, repurposing DIY Front Door Decor!  Anyone can do this and you still have time to do some quick Fall Deco.  It’s never to late to change up a home atmosphere.

Summer to FALL wreath Share the Flippin' Wreath

See my Summer Sunflower Wreath:

SFFsummer wreath
My Summer Wreath

Pretty wreath to warm up my heart and soul as I come and go during my summer days.

First, I suggest visiting them famous and well known dollar stores, use your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, or use your Michael’s coupons.  Scour for some great deals with the use of coupons is surely your best best as well.

Re-purposing a Summer Wreath

For this particular wreath, I used my dollar store finds and some Hobby Lobby discounted finds.  I only purchased fall floral stems if on sale.  Some items were originally priced at $3 and on sale at 50% off. Great finds and deals! Others at $2.50, $2.00, etc. You get the point.

I wiggled them into my Summer wreath, a simple hand twist in back to secure it’s position, and continued to fill my re-purposed wreath into a Fall Fabulous Wreath that will carry us thru until Thanksgiving. I also added in some dangling acorns! Adorable.

Repurpose Summer Wreath

If you like this, you will love my Fall Front Door Decor and my shopping my finds. I’ve attached some links in the pictures below to purchasing similar decor items as myself.

Share the Flippin’ Fun & Share the Blessings!  Life should be fun & joyous!

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