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Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello Friends! I’ve created a Holiday Gift Idea board. What is it? Well, it’s a  board for those with Holiday Gift Ideas to share their products. Post all of your gift ideas for holidays on this Pin worthy Holiday Gift Idea Board. And take some time to share the love by saving pins you like. MUST ONLY Pin on topic – HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS! We ask, please do not repeat pins to often. Follow all Pinterest guidelines, please.

To join this board, follow me on FB and Pinterest. Then send us an email to with your information such as FB name and Pinterest name so we can get you added to the group and our newsletter. What a fun and creative idea to share the love of gift giving without the added expense of joining yet another group or pay for another vendor event. (Worse case is my team will add your pins manually as time permits if the full access to board is not functional. It’s a FREE service to share all your holiday goodies!!! We will not create your pin but simply post. We will possibly use the Pinterest message + section to send us pins over to post. Please include with Title, Description, Picture, and URL.) You really have nothing to lose but perhaps gain a few more crafting friends, some sales, and a board that is already gaining traction.

I’ve been on this journey of creating our designs by hand and there’s nothing more loving than to keep sharing some positive vibes for y’all during this crazy 2020 times!

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