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Growing Money at Home

how to maintain a money tree share the flippin fun

Remember this little guy?  It’s now cleaned up and back inside after I allowed the water to drain, took out the old soil, rinsing all the gnats or like I say, “Mosquitas” from the trunk of tree.  I gave my plant a good bath!

I found out it needed absorbent soil such as Peat Moss & Perlite. Perlite improves water drainage and has tiny little cavities to allow moisture from water and air to flow freely to the roots.  I also added in some tiny river pebbles to help retain the soil and stabilize the trunk in pot on top.  You can also Vermiculite or Bonsai Tree Soil. It serves the purpose as Perlite.

I now water every 10 to 14 days and spray weekly Neem oil on trunk, around the top of soil, and on leaves to help prevent an reoccurrence of them pesky gnats. No more pesky gnats!!!! I’m so happy my tree is back inside.  Green inside my home is nothing but happiness.

Below are my links! It’s a simple process.  Steps I took after last watering and allowed to dry out some:

  1. Take out old soil
  2. Rinse gnats off trunk
  3. Restocked pot with new soil: Perlite with a mix or pebble rocks
  4. Optional: Peat Moss mixed or on top
  5. More Pebbles to keep trunk stable
  6. Watered and allow to drain outside before moving back inside
  7. Spray Neem Oil every 5-7 days: Spray on trunk and leaves.
  8. Water every 10-14 days

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