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Grab Bag It Friday

Grab bags are back! Grab bags are always a best seller, and these babies are a crazy good deal! Retail from $29.95-$139.95, but y’all can get them for ONLY $9.98-$34.98! That is 75% off of retail !
sff ffa 41219 grab bag
The grab bags come in 3 options:

2 Accessories for $9.98
4 Items, 2 clothing & 2 accessories, for $19.98
6 Items, 4 clothing & 2 accessories, for $34.98

Grab bags will include shirts, tops, skirts, pants, kimonos, lightweight sweaters or jackets! The accessories can be hats, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, hair ties, socks and the list goes on!

The code is GRABBAG50 and it makes the price just $9.98 for all 2 items, $19.98 for 4 items, and $34.98 for 6 items, with Free Shipping!

Here’s my personal link: Fashion Friday- 4/12/19- Grab Bags- Up to 75% off with code GRABBAG50

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