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Got A Problem? This Tip Will Solve it.

Hi friends!  It’s Faith Monday!  It has naturally become Faith Monday here on the blog so I’m going with it.  Will it always be called Faith Monday?  Maybe. Maybe Not. I can’t promise because things are meant to change.  Just like a problem.  A problem never stays a problem.  It visits over for moment or a season but never stays on forever.  Now a problem can seem to be extravagantly escalated due to always talking about it.  Let’s be real here.  You and I both have experienced this. Talking about a problem releases our emotions about it but when we talk about our problems to gain comradery or gain a new ally.  It makes the one having the problem feel even better.  This makes us feel like we are grouping up together for a good cause whether we believe it or not. Being right even in a wrong situation doesn’t solve the problem either.

Talk about a promise Estela Kelley SFF (2)

Grouping up together builds this alliance and makes the one having the problem feel better and set the opponent as the enemy.  Sometimes when the band is formed it justifies their screwed up reasoning. This is for the common good of the one having the problem.  Talking about the problem is the not problem.  It’s who you speak to about it.    They can add bad ju ju to this small mole hill of a problem and form it into an avalanche.  Emotions begin to circle around and around and endless useless gossip forms.  So much good energy has been wasted and emotions are so messed up and the one with the problem in the first place hasn’t learned to deal with real life mature issues.  The problem is how, to whom, and when it’s discussed. Some people like to have an unpeaceful and drama filled life.  Searching for family or friends to band up with for a common good will leave you empty if you cannot reason with maturity and allow yourself to figure it out.

If you have to be a verbal player with this problematic issue, state your case and nip it in the bud.  Talk to a few trusted adversaries but don’t take things out of context and escalate something.  Maturity plays a big role here as well as being faithful.

Now, which “PRO” would you rather begin your day with?  Problem? Or Promise?  Don’t get discouraged with the problem.  Get encouraged with the problem.  GOD may not make the problem go away but if you walk with him, he will guide you through the issues.  Trust him and allow him to be your daily encourager during both, good and bad times.  Rely on him to allow you to sit in silence and receive his word, love, encouragement.  Build up this comradery and he will always be your true confidant. Let’s talk more about GOD and less about a problem and you will realize how minute this so called problem really was to begin with. He is bigger and grander than a problem.

With much love, grace, and favor onto to you!

XOXO Estela Kelley (1)

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