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Go Beyond Your Borders Podcast Episode 28

Podcast 28 Go Beyond Your Borders

Let’s begin with looking at your norm and then how you can go surpass your borders. Ask yourself what are some of your norms? Some of my norms used to be being shy, being reserved, being in the back seat, and I still am that way. I was so comfortable in my own skin,  but when I started seeing things in a different perspective that’s when I started breaking down the layers and praying over my things and desires. Then I started seeing what it meant to live life without limits.  It’s not that you need to be handicapped to be or to have life without limits. It’s that you have to loosen and unshackle your handicap.  Whatever it may be. Whether it’s physical, mental.  It may be spiritual.  You have to unshackle that and break that so then you can have that life without limits and you can go beyond your borders and you can start breaking your rules. Or maybe these are inherited rules.  Maybe this is something that has been passed down.  So you start to break those rules and you start to make new awesome positive good growth. Generational blessings.  When you start to make new ways, you start to go beyond your borders.

Go Beyond Your Norm Podcast 28 Estela Kelley SFF

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