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Be In Your Happy Dance Mode

Psalm 126:5 tugged at my heart about sowing and reaping. I can read into it many ways but one way is in regards to putting in the smart hard work one does during the day, the weeks, and months. That everything’s going to work out for the good. That you can’t have a full harvest if there isn’t any real sowing. Thru tears, frustration, and sometimes hair pulling moments, know that harvest is on the other side and keep calm thru your sweat equity times. Do your happy dance now in preparation for what is about to be poured over you!They that sow in tears shall reap in joy Estela Kelley SFF

See when I was in church yesterday a vision came to me about my present self dancing to prosperity in all knowing and feeling of happiness, joy, & excitement.  This vision came not just about my now moments but my future moments as well.  HE is great, loving and caring for me in so many ways.  That while I was singing Amazing Grace my inner self, my inner being was playfully dancing, snapping, and joyously praising HIM and pulling me closer to Spirit. She was dancing, praising, and giving HIM all the HONOR, GLORY, and Magnitude of praise. The vision was telling me to not be scared, to share the joy, and to rejoice. HE provided words, visions, acknowledgement, and approval onto me. That all the previous sowing, hard and good times, all my experiences, all my preparation, all my prayers are NOW going to be WELL RECEIVED. They have been banked not just for me but as well for my children, and my children’s children and families.  That HE is telling me to rejoice in the NOW. HE is telling and showing me all my prayers requests have been heard.  I believe that one has to not only “ask” meaning daily conversations, daily prayers, daily guidance, daily forgiveness but one has to go past ask, belief, and receive.  Be in the KNOW so you too can also be in the happy dance moments. Be in the receptive mode and not in the contrast. Be in the happy dance mode.

GOD’s many blessing to y’all!


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