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Fully Equipped

As one is finding their way through life, work, and family situations.  One can often feel discouraged with thoughts of, “I can’t do this.”, “This is to hard.”, “Why can’t I figure this out after so long!”. Beginning something new can be hard and scary, all at the same time along with other factors.  Factors such as nay sayers, lurkers, and just general bad advice. Here’s my mid version story:  I was a working corporate Mom, working 8 to 5 juggling 3 kids who are close in age and entered upon a new marriage.  The new marriage was new but at the same time hard.  Did I stay in the marriage. Yes. Are we still together? Yes. Has it gotten better? Way, YES!  For the sake of grins, has he understood my love language and vice versa? All 5 of them! The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Oh heck, yeah! It was about communication and believing. And lots of faithful prayer!

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I later became laid off and stayed home every since and working for my husband’s construction company. But the creative part of me began itching at a time when I needed validation and prayer over me and my new family. I discovered I had a skill that later became a hobby to a small side hustle. Did I once say to myself, “I can’t do this!, I can’t meet my daughter’s request.” Of course I did!  Her request a few days later became a challenge, which later probed my analytic hat to discover that I can do this. And I did! Never took a sewing class or signed up for any craft classes. Never had a previous hobby or something I enjoyed doing besides some writing. Never made anything with my physical hands.  Like an actual something from start to finish. A physical product that I proudly made. And the entire time, I had them doubts in my head. Give it up. Go to the mall or Target and just buy her one. I tried to minimize my idea but with GOD’s help HE assisted me with the right action, thoughts, and prayers. I know & witness that HE provides and that I can pray, know, and wait for his answers.

Friends, if you are in the middle of a season, surrounded by naysayers or lurkers, or transitioning from something to something new. Even if it’s hard, new, and scary. Believe, trust, and know that you are fully equipped – Hebrews 13:30-21! Can I get an AMEN!

With much Love, Grace, and Favor!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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