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Don’t Get Snarky, Get You Some Jesus

As I was reading my go to devotional this AM I decided to dwell more into it based on lives perspectives.  Many times as an individual we come across many types of personalites, situations, and circumstances that most of time have nothing to do with us.  Some times people, kids, spouses, colleagues and neighbors will toss in a snarky remark, urgent, or under lying malicious remark/comment. Now in defense of both sides, I sometimes notice that it’s not their entire fault but it’s inherited from their family baggage. In reality, this baggage has nothing to do with us but more of them. So what do I do or suggest?  Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Monday 071519 EK SFF

No of course not! In all seriousness, I would suggest to Stop, Turnaround, and Run but during that time, I would silently pray for them.  Now, if I see that they are in deep misguidance I would suggest to ask if I could pray for them. You would shocked as to how many people would say yes.

There is no point in getting snarky back. No point in remarking or encouraging such behavior and think this is a reflection of you.  This has no bearing or weight over you unless you give it power. JESUS is your stronghold. Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my stronghold of my life. Make HIM the stronghold over your thoughts and over the people that are acting up around you. Make HIM the stronghold of how you react and simply walking away from such environment or comments will prove to you how the LORD is taking a stronghold of you. Let JESUS cover you in HIS blanket of everlasting love, guidance, and strength this week and always going forward.

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