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Deliberate Dazzling True Path

What GOD has created something remarkable thru you and in you and is only for you.  HE has a created a purposed filled path that is all about happening for you, not to you.  I didn’t truly understand this when I often heard this quote, “Life isn’t happening to you. Life is happening for you.”  How can something happen to you when GOD has already created a life FOR you?  He has created a path of experiences,  memories, and much more than you and I can imagine.  I understand life throws us curve balls or bad things happen but that’s not GOD.  HE wouldn’t want to harm a hair on us.  HE so gave up HIS own beloved son for us.  I believe in the FOR and not the to and that carries a lot of power and weight to everything and every path you are on presently. Carry forward onto that deliberate dazzling true path of yours.  Feel the greatness in you that has been instilled in you since before birth.  Know the power of our creator and know that you are gifted like no other.

God Has Prepared My Delibrate Dazzling True Path SFF Estela Kelley

The other day, I doubted myself on going live on Facebook without makeup but I just didn’t care to get all gussied up for a live stream when I knew I was going to work out and get all sweaty and have mascara running down my cheeks. But I knew I had to go on live and focus.  And focus I did and I did pretty good. Not bad for a 1st livestream and without makeup.  See, what I did was hone in my inner being and my inner being sees me as beautifully and gifted just like GOD does. Inner being didn’t stop and say, “Oh no girl….go put your face on.”  When I was on my inner beings side there was not any doubt because I went on live without makeup.  I had to keep it real.  I’m all girly and love to wear makeup but not first thing in the AM and not before the gym either. That wouldn’t be the real me. When I went on live, I felt my true path vibration of a breath taking experience. It was a calling. And when I followed my deliberate true path, it was much more richer and dazzling than anticipated. I allowed my desire and experience happen FOR me.  I allowed GOD’s gifts to shine thru. When you believe you can, then only then will you receive.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you!

XOXO Estela Kelley


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