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Deep Faith Monday Series #40 – Be The Positive Force

I get so bottled down in my things, my business, my blog, my everything going on inside my head that I then check myself daily and weekly to reach out to my little growing family crew. I have to be the positive encouraging force.  I lend them a ear if they need to talk something out. I give them advice if they need help.  I allow my husband to vent and sort things out.  I have 3 teenagers, so that talk time sometimes has to be drawn out by asking around things until they get comfortable on talking it out. I’m lending my time on their time. Then theirs the Momster of me that has to juggle all the things so can I get short but then I check myself and set aside special time just for that one kid that needs something. They might not need me in a 2 to 3 year old way but something they are trying to figure out. Or maybe it’s their grades in a class so I need to make sure they are doing all the things to improve in that class. Maybe their just being to forgetful so I’m there to help them remember most of the time.  They have to do their part and check themselves as well.  I pray for patience lots of time! I remember to put myself in a position that GOD asked me to. A Faithful servant, a wife, a mom, and business last. I love being a wife & mom. They need to observe me serving others so they can become servants as well.

Think of others 102119 EK

However, when I’m able to bounce off of my problems or to do tasks and offer a helping hand, ear, advice,  or Momster moments I know I’m thinking of others and laying down my life for them. I pause to help them. For a friend in need. For a person needing prayer over them. For a person just wanting to talk something out that they couldn’t or were to scared to talk to someone in their inner friends. I know I’m serving GOD and being obedient. John 15:12- Love each other as I have loved you.  Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. From time to time, push your to do lists, tasks, problems, wants, and requests aside to lend some time to someone else.   


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