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Deep Faith Monday Series #37 Seeds Are Growing

Seeds Are Growing

Before I began to type out the Deep Faith Monday Series, I sit still and ask GOD to give me words of wisdom and encouragement for others out there.  And as I sat still I got nothing. Nothing came forth.  Nothing was stirring in my heart.  Then “it” happened.  In my stillness I realized many things. One of them being, that I am sitting still and be aware of all the awesomeness HE is and has been providing.  In the stillness, I see the seeds that are planted and because I can’t see them, it does not mean they are not growing under in the dark.  In the stillness and in my stillness I feel everything vibrationally moving toward the sprouting seeds that will begin to reveal such awesomeness.

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I cannot see the seeds under the ground. I cannot see the seeds begin to sprout under the dirt before they reveal the growth that has occurred in the dark. I cannot see anything visually. My focus is not only the planted seed, but the sprouting seed. And that’s where it all begins. It’s in the stillness, where seeds are growing.  It’s in my stillness of being aware that I begin to grow.  I begin to hear, see, taste, smell, & touch the new growth that is happening under and the new growth that is about to show itself through me and you all the greatness that has been planted. I encourage one that even in the stillness, new things are always being stirred into your heart and mind. GOD is great!


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Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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