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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #67 |Secrets To Being Happy

Spread the joy, love, and happiness of what you are emitting this beautiful and glorious Monday!  It’s a blessed Monday morning and day and night and week!

How can you dare say that with it only being a Monday? I say because it is written much like Moses law. I don’t say this in an arrogant way but only in a faith way. I know and hear of others out there that are going thru things and sometimes prayer is not enough. A chain has to be broken with the assistance of spiritual warriors. Sometimes it’s falling to your knees and praying that a curse will be lifted. Sometimes it’s sending prayers up to the high heavens with intentional prayer. But only faith will conquer such deviances and strengthen one’s day, night, and week.

DPMFS #67 (1)

It times of personal conflict we have to remember not who we are but whose we are! You are a child of GOD. A mighty earthly warrior with ton of potential, desires, gifts, and talents! And for you to doubt that is not good. It’s not a faithful walk of life. Begin with being grateful for all the good things in your life. It’s about healing yourself from within, self-care, and taking time to put yourself at peace. That nothing, no worries, no abandonment of spirit, home, family, or no past carried over curses will follow. Heal from within and begin your true journey of what you are meant to be.



Estela K.



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