Deep Faith Monday, Deep Faith Monday Fire Series

Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #64.5 | I’ve Got You Covered, Girl

As I was heading out this AM (Monday after Palm Sunday) to pick up some groceries thru the curbside service, I was humbled with delight that my Father left me this feather at the entrance of my home to begin my day.

My life is not the perfect Instagram story with lots of beautiful highlights. It can be sometimes messy, no makeup days, Mom hairdos, and casual lots of time. It’s the life HE provided just for me & I’m embracing every bit of it….just like your story & life is just for you. After much praying, GOD has a way of comforting each of us especially in times of stress. HE comforts me with signs and feathers is one of them. Right at my door step early this morning.

I’m so positive it was GOD was saying thank you & got you covered girl! Psalm 91:4


In a time of inconsistency and some mayhem during this crisis, how has HE been bringing comfort to you and your home? Have you been seeking HIM with all your heart?

Would love to know what signs you’ve been receiving?


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