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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #58 | Be The Calming Force

To be calm or not to be calm? That is the question.  When out in the real world do people respond to you nicely or in fear? It’s stressful to be around someone who is always uptight, angry, and has a hot temper.  It doesn’t make it easy to have a successful team around, let alone keep a happy team together. It’s not much fun. Not much fun to show up, go to work, and stay at work. Would you do it? Could you handle it? I personally couldn’t deal with it even if I needed the job so badly! It would eat me up inside until I got the courage to find a new job. And pray for newness in my life.

deep faith monday 58 Be the Calming Force

It’s difficult to respect an individual and environment that tolerates it. If you know of someone that is normally off their rocker, ask GOD to help them gain control of their anger and emotions in GODly manner.  Ask GOD to give you strength to act or react calmly. To be the calming force is like honey to a bee. Be the calm.

Proverbs 15:18


_SFFHeadbands 1_30_2020I’m so excited to be sharing and creating! You friends have been inspiring us to create a headtastic experience to be shared this season! And you literally sold us out last time!


I’m a self-declared headband bandit by default. My beautiful baby daughter is the one who inspired me to attempt to make her a monkey headband.  I love a good challenge. Wore a good one to the store and the store clerk was so impressed to know where did I buy it at? An idea sparked and has blessfully grown into these beautiful headbands!

I have been gathering all the good stuff, handcrafting and designing each individual headband with the same love that was put into it for my daughter when she first asked for her monkey headband! There will be no monkeys this time but plenty of fun color, glitz, and glitter all flipped into one!

For a limited time only!

Crafted in Texas. Crafted by a Mom.

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