Deep Faith Monday, Deep Faith Monday Fire Series

Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #57 |Newness of Strength

I had the privilege to go on a construction field trip this week with my husband with his business. I had on makeup, boots, and a hard hat (I really didn’t have to use but it’s good for the picture here). When he started his company many moons ago he already had things falling into place for him. Just like many others of you out there. Different stages in different places.

construction girl 02152020

Perhaps you are starting something new this week, a new job, new adventure, new skills to update, new side gig, new church group, or even a new mindset. Keep the newness in mind as something that is new and not so scary in the long run. Do it with guts and boldness! If you stick at it long enough, something will emerge out of it. Maybe not exactly like you planned but you built up strength and courage to keep on trying and see where the NEWNESS leads you to.

When my husband tried his skill at this new job, he learned, he stuck with it, he perfected his skill set and went on to venture on his own. Within that learning curve he gained confidence, know how, and courage. When someone comes along and follows they eventually do the same thing but they are at a different stage compared to the leads.

We can always look the leads for encouragement or motivation, however, GOD always plans your path for you to step into strength, courage, and newness. May you think about this, this new week as you enter into your newness with the confident soul!


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