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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #43 – Holding Fast To The Race Of Life

Are you holding fast to your race of life?  Are you hanging on for dear life to begin or  finish the race? To finish that special project you poured all your heart and soul? To finish your schooling, to raise a family, to encourage others.  Joshua 22:5 to hold fast to him and serve him with all your heart and all your soul. Is HE your priority? Or do you give up on him like an amateur dabbling into something new?

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We can’t just give up the race, that project, on family, or a goal you are reaching for. The way I see is this….If you give up on things, life, or goals, you are basically giving up everything.  You are giving up the hope and faith.  You are walking away empty handed and GOD doesn’t want that for you and I. HE wants us to keep learning, keep moving forward, and keep obeying HIM. Life is about giving it everything. All your heart and soul even if its an inch here or there. Even if it’s at a snails pace. Keep holding fast to HIM daily.  Hold fast to HIM and HE will hold fast to us always.

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