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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #42 Take The Daydream

It’s so remarkable how good HE is. How good HE provides for us.  Remarkable how HE alotts us the gift of daydreaming.  Take the daydream any time. We do it often, don’t we? We do. We do it while driving. Sometimes while cooking. Sometimes our minds venture off into some space mind adventure to escape the now. To escape the what is. To go to the what could be at times.  I love to daydream while taking day trips. And this Saturday was a much need R&R time with the hubs #bigkahuna. I needed time to get away from the normal weekend things.  No band camp or band activities so I was in the clear! Hallelujah! No kids to shuttle here or there like Dr. Seuss. I had this weekend planned and it happened. It more so happened!  HE has seen the work and time we put in so HE has provided really well.

Take the Daydream EK SFF.png

You & I don’t have to go on any staycation every weekend. You can daydream any time. You can do it from the comfort of your home.  Daydreaming is a way to rest, relax, and mind meditate. It allows the freedom of where you want to go or what is yet to be invited or revealed of such desires. It allows every what could be. Every desire to be felt and sensed. It allows a freedom of wandering. Not every one wandering is lost.  It’s a way to connect to you and above at the same time. It’s a way of taking a small day trip within the daydream.  It replenishes the soul somewhat.

You can take a day trip, a vacation, a weekend getaway, but it’s not necessary.  I just so needed a day home break since I work from home.  Home is my office and life. Other people have jobs they drive to and come back home and stay there all weekend.  That’s fine too. Remember I was an 8 to 5 gal too at one time. I spent 10 hours a week on just driving back and forth Monday thru Friday. Daydreaming at my job made me realize I was made for more and so are you my friend(s).

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