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Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #41 Take Fear By The Horns

Take Fear By The Horns

Who’s to say one’s not afraid to do what they do? Who’s to question the direction one’s going is not the right direction?  Who’s to target about a service or product in a demeaning manner in regards to price is too high? These are all fears based moments. One has to take fear by the horns. Lots of time its about trusting your inner circle. Guard your mind and spirit.  When someone asks you, if you are not afraid to do what you do? Do you answer with faith or fear? You feel faith has your back?

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I’ll admit from time to time I’m afraid to move forward, however, if I’m obedient to HIS calling, I know in my hearts of hearts that it will be okay.  I may waffle off a bit, but HE’s showing me something.  HE’s building something here. Something in my heart. Something in me. I’ve had people ask me, how do you know that’s the direction?  And they are not asking about my situation but rather they are asking about themselves. I have to answer with, “If I don’t have faith, I don’t have nothing to move toward to. It’s everything. Faith over Fear conquers the direction you want to move toward to.

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