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Craft Vendor Starter Sheets

We all started somewhere.  We all started small.  We all started with some hint of hesitance or a smidge of fear.  I understand. I find myself there weekly and sometimes daily.  I too was a craft vendor for a few years.  I’ve done my time, put in the work, seasoned my self up with plenty of Do’s and Don’ts.  I have put all my experience into this Cheat Sheet in hopes that it would help that still leery and hesitant Crafter that is so wanting to do shows but doesn’t know how or where to begin.

At first my Craft Vendor Starter Sheets was intended to be 1 page but that wouldn’t be fair to that one craft vendor that needs a little more encouragement.  So I typed away and poured as much as I could give freely from my heart to yours. To give out and pour out much needed encouragement to be the creator you are meant to be.

Click on picture to get your free copy of Breaking the Craft Vendor Code to Making More Profit in Your Pocket!

PAGE 1 Breaking the Craft Vendor Code cover page

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