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Common Cooking Mistakes

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner once again! I’m so elated to be sharing the blessings of FOOD even during recovery! Today it’s about common cooking mistakes which I have learned and failed at as well. I’m by no means a chef nor pretend to be. I’m a foodie! I love food. I love good food. Not any foodie pictures this time around. Another reason is because I’ve had surgery so I had to do the best and hopefully you guys and gals appreciate this busy mama who was under the knife. No pun intended, but what an awesome intro to my 1st common cooking mistakes! Got to have sense of humor to uplift my spirits . So here we go!

Common Cooking Mistakes Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley Sunday Dinners


Knives are very much used in everyday family cooking,right?! So we need to have a properly sharpened knife. Make sure it fits your hand size and meat size. I have small hands so a 12″ or 13″  won’t work for me.  But for my husband, it’s perfect.  If you are cutting rather large pieces of meat, then yes use the larger knives. Relatively speaking a good 8″ knife is a great family knife and good controllability. Preferably stainless steel is best. Ceramic will chip if it hits a large bone.


I’m being truthful here when I say, I have spices older than a 2 years old.  It’s time to toss them out.  Spices have a shelf life so don’t buy bulk size if you are only going to use a few times and store the rest.  I’ve done that and so have you. Let’s get to tossing them out NOW. Now the rule is this:  Fresh spices last about 4 years, ground spices 2 to 3 years, and dried herbs 1 to 3 years depending.  Stored spices over time lose their flavor and potency and those are the qualities we seek when cooking. I guess I have some pantry spice cleaning!

Resting Meat:

If you’re like me, I like to cook and eat right away.  So why must I have to wait longer to eat my dinner! Truth be told here, the reason we need to allow our freshly cooked meat choice rest is because the juices redistribute through all that fresh meat. The result is a juicer dinner in your mouth. Would you rather have juicy tasting meat or juices run all over the cutting board?  I choose juicy tasting meat.

Preheating to Fast:

Have you often had a dinner where you taste an abundant amount of burnt oils? I have!  This is how this goes and normally happens:  You get your pan, turn up the heat to a medium high, and pour in your oil.  You turn around to gather a few items from the pantry or fridge.  By the time you open up your items to get the dish started, the oil is bubbling up, turning colors, and beginning to smell differently.  And the beneficial antioxidants break down and form an unusual taste and possibly harmful compounds. So next time you pour in some oil, keep an eye on it and once it begins to shine, the oil is hot enough to begin your amazing dish. Another thing is the pan.  Cast Iron is the best overall and leaches at the least chemical into your food.  Yes it does have iron but generally speaking it’s accepted as safe.  Another great pan are the ceramic pans because they are glazed not coated such as them teflon pans. And of course stainless steel.

Common Cooking Mistakes Share the Flippin Fun Estela Kelley Sunday Dinners (1)

Bon Appetit!

XOXO Estela Kelley






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