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Secrets To Being Excellent

Secrets to being excellent is always striving to be the best in all you do.  If you are a carpenter, do the best of your ability to satisfy your customers.  Any job, career, or side job, do it to the upmost high standards of yourself so that others will see how you shine in your job and what satisfaction you have in it.  When you have skills and talents which you can share and make money from, offer it to your customers with 100% satisfaction that you will do your most excellent job always. And you will always get the best jobs going forward.  Best repeat customers and best repeat referrals.  You are building yourself, your company, your legacy, and building generational blessings as well.  Go forth with the motivation that small jobs, small pay, & small client list will build up a reservoir of big jobs, big pay, and big client lists.  And in GOD’s time HE will bless you with generational blessings.

Don’t take short cuts to finish up a job or skim from the top to a get little more. Short cuts and skimming lead the opposite end of excellent. Short pay and skimming you out of work.

When you are putting your best effort and best foot forward you are demonstrating praise of HIM.  You are honoring our GOD by showing HIM your excellent skills and talents that HE has bestowed upon you.  Don’t settle for meager less thans when HE has empowered you with more than and reciprocate that so HE can provide you with more than you can handle and keep on spreading Blessings onto others.

Often times you hear or read about someone that got ripped off or recommended someone that didn’t really do that great of a job and a new person comes along and that customer is so happy and filled with joy and trust on the quality of work performed or turned an upside down situation into a phenomenal situation. And that customer recommends them to everyone and everyone now is on the waiting list and will wait months on end for them to get that quality worker or company. It’s amazing how SECRETS TO BEING EXCELLENT can excel a bad situation to a most uplifting situation if you praise HIM with your gifts.

Praise HIM With Your Gifts Share the Flippin Fun Secrets To Being Excellent

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for men. – Colossians 3:23