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Front Door Fall Decor

Everywhere one can already see all the Fall decorations on display on front door entrances, back porch areas, and inside the home.  Not to mention on Pinterest, where one can go crazy and “fall” (pun) in love with all the beautiful displays of fall anticipation.

I usually decorate my yard with a Halloween theme.  Ghouls, cripted hands, skulls, blood signs, rats, and bats.  Halloween night is the best for me! I gather all my goodies during the day while the kids are in school. Some dry ice, ingredients for my requested Goo Juice, candies, and such. And it’s a great chicken day.  I mean, why cook when there’s drive-thru that day and I have so much prep work.  I’m really just excited to see the other little visitors about to Trick or Treat at our home.

I start playing scary music in home, pop open the windows because it’s fresh outside and why not.  I then take out our spider glow lights.  Once the lights are hung, the spiders glow and circulate on the driveway pavement. I then grab some tongs to handle the dry ice and throw 1 piece of ice into a bucket of hot faucet water.  As it begins to bubble, we grab an oscillating fan to blow air in different directions.

Two years ago, my scary pumpkin face hung on a stand up pole we have in the garage and one of kids handles the buttons as kids approach.  My other son is playing Halloween theme (Michael Meyers) song to the movie on his mini xylophone. My daughter had some amazing white face paint on her face and dressed like a Jester and little did we know that her face paint glowed magnificently in the dark. She acted like she was a dead doll against the garage, dry ice smoke intermittently passing over her, skull face welcoming the kiddos with “The appetizers have arrived! Ha, Ha, Ha!”, Halloween theme song playing, my scary music blaring out of the window, glowing spiders on the ground! Kids stopping to takes pictures with the “dead doll”!  It was a great photo op. That made for an amazing fun night with the kids and great memories.

Fast forward. The kids are older and two didn’t care to go trick or treating last year, so I scaled back a bit and this year even more so.  I don’t even think my baby daughter wants to even dress up?  Unless, it’s just for giving out candy in the driveway. We will see what happens. I normally where a cat eye mask or cat ears.  Something fun. Life is suppose to be fun.

This year, I didn’t decorate with my usual Ghouls and such spread across the yard, but decorated with a more “homey” Pinterest type curb appeal.  But those were some great memories to share and reminisce upon.  I even got teary-eyes typing this blog.  The gifts of being a Mom. Just love it!

So without further ado. Here’s my Front Door Fall Decor Picture.  Possibly a front porch sign coming up. I’ll post pictures later on that.

Front Door FALL Decor Share The Flippin Fun

I used my plant holder and mixed in some faux pumpkins.  I had 2 empty pots and flipped those around to create 2 different heights for the pumpkins. I nestled the pumpkins so the foliage will drape around them. Pumpkins grow on vines so this made it look very garden like.  Ready for the harvest.  I them ribbon tied some old driftwood I had and snuggled it in to give it a more complete and adorable appearance.

Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed sharing!

Jeremiah 5:24 

They do not say to themselves, ‘Let us fear the LORD our God, who gives autumn and spring rains in season, who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest.’

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Growing Money at Home

how to maintain a money tree share the flippin fun

Remember this little guy?  It’s now cleaned up and back inside after I allowed the water to drain, took out the old soil, rinsing all the gnats or like I say, “Mosquitas” from the trunk of tree.  I gave my plant a good bath!

I found out it needed absorbent soil such as Peat Moss & Perlite. Perlite improves water drainage and has tiny little cavities to allow moisture from water and air to flow freely to the roots.  I also added in some tiny river pebbles to help retain the soil and stabilize the trunk in pot on top.  You can also Vermiculite or Bonsai Tree Soil. It serves the purpose as Perlite.

I now water every 10 to 14 days and spray weekly Neem oil on trunk, around the top of soil, and on leaves to help prevent an reoccurrence of them pesky gnats. No more pesky gnats!!!! I’m so happy my tree is back inside.  Green inside my home is nothing but happiness.

Below are my links! It’s a simple process.  Steps I took after last watering and allowed to dry out some:

  1. Take out old soil
  2. Rinse gnats off trunk
  3. Restocked pot with new soil: Perlite with a mix or pebble rocks
  4. Optional: Peat Moss mixed or on top
  5. More Pebbles to keep trunk stable
  6. Watered and allow to drain outside before moving back inside
  7. Spray Neem Oil every 5-7 days: Spray on trunk and leaves.
  8. Water every 10-14 days

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My Indoor Plant

I’ve had this beautiful plant called the Money tree in my home for some months now. Maybe since April, before the heat turned up more in Texas and we began to notice some mosquitos aka mosquitas like I say because my tongue gets lazy on me down in Texas where it’s sort of laid back and you can hear the sap flowing from the trees when staring out into space. That doesn’t really happen. Does it? Well, to get back to my story about these mosquitas. Every single day we were getting bitten. Small deep quick bites. Bites while sitting watching TV in the living room. Bites while sitting in the office. Bites when cooking. Bites when putting away laundry.  At first, I thought maybe fleas but no. No one could spot the insect biting us, unless the BIG mosquita was in the house and one of us was lucky enough to squat it with our bare hands. They were so small. Almost invisible.  Just typing this post makes me itchy.

My Money Tree & Mosquitas

I also have other indoor Snake plants they call them. I water them weekly, drain out the excess water and dumped it out. Cleaned the back windows thinking maybe some how they are behind these plants but no. Not there. Not anywhere.  Until one day, I watered my Money tree and a swarm of tiny little gnat like mosquitas frenzied out for a few moments and settled back into the trunk of the tree.  I think I found my culprit.

Now I fear I might lose my tree but I had to take it outside and let it drain and dry up as Google says to do.  There was excess water in the pot not draining properly, even though I had a tray on the bottom.  So now I have to come up with a better draining system because I really do love my tree and where it’s at in my home.  It makes me happy and isn’t that what life’s all about.  Happiness.