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So Grateful For Her


I’m so grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving but one in particular that hits a spot. A tender spot. Is this one…my nudge story. I know I’ve said it over and over and will probably say it even more and more. If it wasn’t for the time my daughter asked me to make her a monkey headband back when she was even more of youngin’ than she is in this picture. I realize so many more things was going on. GOD used her to nudge me because I was going thru some tough times.My heart was closed and so was my mind and nothing was coming thru until she, my baby daughter asked me. And you know, a Moms gotta go what a Moms gotta do. Be the best Mom to her. And so, she was the vessel to get me to listen, hear, and lean in closer to GOD.


Today I am most grateful HE used her to get to me. Thru the spirit of a child is how my true nudge story begun.

What are you grateful today?

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I’m a self-declared headband bandit by default. My beautiful baby daughter is the one who inspired me to attempt to make her a monkey headband.  I love a good challenge. Wore a good one to the store and the store clerk was so impressed to know where did I buy it at? An idea sparked and has blessfully grown into these beautiful headbands!

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My Amazing Super Power of JESUS – Deep Faith Monday

Another beautiful Monday and it’s gorgeous! I’m grateful for all the beautiful and exciting things that are happening and about to happen. And sometimes even on beautiful days, we allow a bad thought to come in and invade our happiness. And to bring such feelings of nothingness. Thoughts like, you have nothing, therefore you will be nothing. You can’t do any thing because of not having nothing, or can’t make ends meets because there’s nothing to look forward to. Or sometimes you can find yourself in a catch 22 situation and fall into the never land of nothing thoughts of despair. That’s when you use your super power of JESUS!

My super power is Jesus 070819 EK SFF

The super power of Jesus is an awesome place to be, let your hair down, to cry, to pray, to thank, to be happy and rejoice. And being allowed to be fragile in HIS presence and feel HIS love for us. To sense that HE is always there to uplift us at any time of any moments in our lives.

Decide to reach for your super power as well too! Decide to be happy! Decide to block out bad thoughts. Decide to grow in strength in HIS Amazing Super Power! And 1, 2, 3 you are on your way to receiving amazing blessings your way.






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Praise HIM

When you go into prayer, do you often find yourself asking, requesting, or seeking out advice from our Heavenly Father? “Give me, please GOD can you help me, help me with this one thing.” How much of your prayer time consists of praising HIM?  Praising him during the day. As you wash clothes or dishes? Giving HIM the glory for all the good things in life. Psalm 150:1:6 Praise the LORD. Praise GOD in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens.  Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD. Praise the LORD.

Praise HIM Estela Kelley SFF

We need GOD in our lives not just for our prayer requests but to honor HIM with praise. To show and feel gratitude for all his creations, his evident love for you, and the gift and power of his word. There is so much to praise him for.  For having a goodnight’s sleep. For waking up healthy. For providing a supportive family and friends.  For the material things too, like your car and clothes. And job! There is so much beauty in this world that we should take note and thank HIM above for providing such as a beautiful sky, sunshine, and rain. Big and small trees and flowers. The air we breathe.  Take time to praise him before putting in your prayer requests. Praise HIM first!

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Podcast 27 Create Your New Story

Podcast 27 Create Your New Story

I use meditation quite a bit to find focus and clarity for myself. While zoning in and out of meditation this create your new story referenced in Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi, kept coming up.  I have heard this here and heard this in other places with other people.  We often become our own antagonist.

Create Your New Story Podcast 27 Estela Kelley SFF

Reasons to stall and not have growth. That infamous well-known comfort zone feeling, like a warm bowl of soup. But when there isn’t any growth there’s stagnation. By creating your new story, I illustrate how to do this step by step and all within 30 days to creating a wonderful life giving and life changing habit in your new life.  New story. New dreams.

Listen in and give us a review, comment, and share so we can continue to share the blessings of life, home, faith & business.

Take a kind ear to my podcast and leave us a Review & Share.

With much love, grace, and favor on to you.

Share the Flippin’ Fun!!! And Share the Blessings!



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Praise And Gratitude

Today is a day filled with purpose. A day filled with praise & gratitude. Funny how gratitude is really 2 words, Grateful & Attitude! Or how about Glatitude? Glad & Attitude. HE wants us to be happy. What are you most happy for today!?? I’m most happy today that I get to do things I love everyday: I love my husband and get to take my kids👬🚶‍♀️ to school, work from home & share my skills & talents. And as I was purposely putting in time for some bible reading in 🙏2 Samuel 7:21 Because of your promise & according to your will, you have done all these great things & have made them known to your servant. And then in my devotional Psalm 9:12 That HE hears every prayer & in HIS time he will reveal your answers.

Today is a Day Filled Estela Kelley SFF.png

Sometimes we get a little ancy, jump the gun, and want to shoot for the stars but GOD will reveal what needs to get done before opening your doors, your opportunities, your good choices. HE doesn’t want you to not do anything, HE wants to prepare you.

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The Amazing Helping Hand

I witnessed yesterday that when everything’s in God’s hand, one has a better ride. Better mindset, values, and personality. When one is off that track, things are obviously more complicated. When one is not obediently faithful to our GOD above through a combination of prayer, reading the bible, being silence, serving, caring, and loving and whatever else makes one feel closer to him this will always throw them off track. GOD is good all the time. But GOD always wants us to get closer to him and calling on him even with the most smallest minute things going on in our daily lives. There is no better source of advice than thru him.

When everything's in GOD's hand, one has a better ride Estela Kelley SFF (1)

Whenever everything’s in GOD’s hand our way of thinking is on a different plateau.  We think more openly and generously give of ourselves to better things or situations.  We add value because we know HE put that in our heart and soul. So we then have a can do mindset.  Yes, HE gave us free will, thoughts, desires, but when we are in line with HIM our values are set high within. And our personality is awesomely bursting with happiness!  We enjoy a better quality of life!

With much love, grace, and favor onto to you!

XOXO Estela Kelley

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Call The Promise

Call the promise Estela Kelley SFF (1)

Monday’s have become what I consider my deep Faith posting which sets the tone for my week. Sets the tone in my spirit. Every Monday or the day before I begin to hope for inspiration.  Hope for divine guidance and sometimes with much prayer for things, peace, love, faith I sometimes forget to also call the promise.  There cannot be just hope.  Hope I get the raise. Hope I find some peace and love.  Hope faith hits me soon. Hope I can carve out some blog time.  Hoping is a great thing just like asking and believing but hope doesn’t call the promise to you.  I must remember to also call the promise HE promised.  The promise that was already set from my past, my present, and set for my future.  Often times I can see myself getting distracted and having to be obedient more so with such vigor and remember to call the promise too.  I need to reach out and call out to GOD and remind HIM about HIS promises.  HE enjoys being sought and called upon. Like a loving parent. Not that HE needs reminding but to call and know that HE has promised and I too have not forgotten in the middle of my ask and believe waiting stage that HIS promises are coming.  That HE is always looking out for me not just in my prayers but in the calling of HIS promises. That I acknowledge HIS might power and favor over me.  That by calling HIS promises I’m in the knowing stage that HE is about to work some remarkable miracles in my life.  That HE works in the supernatural and for me to stand back in full faith for what is coming is on HIS terms in the middle of my hope. And once I stand back in my hope I can now receive HIS promises in the knowing of HIS promises.  Can I get an AMEN!

I hope this sets your week as well in hope and HIS promises.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you!

XOXO Estela Kelley (1)


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Become the Generational Blessings

Become the generational blessing to your family.  Growing up I worked as a maid with my mom at age 9.  Growing up I learned to type at age 12.  Had summer jobs. Saved my money for clothes.  Looked at every adult I knew and think, “How’s that working for you?” Never once questioned them but inside knew they were unsatisfied.  Growing up I knew I had to work once out of school and get a job, an education, or a skill. Growing up I knew I wanted to get married and have a family.  Growing up I knew I had to set the standard for my kids and that being poor would stop now.  Being happy in spirit, words,  kindness, and love would be something in my everyday world. I knew I had to be the more so my kids could be the more than.  My future family could set themselves up for success in a great satisfying job, marriage, home and passing it on.  Become the Generational Blessing To Your Family Estela Kelley SFF

And their kids could be the more than as well.  Maybe somewhere along the lines of family lineage my blessings were brought on by another family member way in my past. And this banking generational blessings were passed on.  Maybe I just decided to be more happy than others.  Maybe I was more motivated than others to want more in life.  Maybe I’ve done my time as in putting in all the work, focus, and desire. And my past family members have too.  They have done the sharecropping, planting, and harvest.  Literally farmers. And that there’s a GOD out there hearing me and my prayers. But those who can’t wait for the harvest after planting will not ever reap.  They steal of the seed.

What I realize now is that I KNOW.  I KNOW and have always known HE lives.  HE’s inside of me and everyday HE has heard me even in my sad and happy times.  That I have always reached for HIM.  But I know that I know that I know. I know that I am suppose to pass on generational blessings. Have you set your generational blessings into motion?


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Be In Your Happy Dance Mode

Psalm 126:5 tugged at my heart about sowing and reaping. I can read into it many ways but one way is in regards to putting in the smart hard work one does during the day, the weeks, and months. That everything’s going to work out for the good. That you can’t have a full harvest if there isn’t any real sowing. Thru tears, frustration, and sometimes hair pulling moments, know that harvest is on the other side and keep calm thru your sweat equity times. Do your happy dance now in preparation for what is about to be poured over you!They that sow in tears shall reap in joy Estela Kelley SFF

See when I was in church yesterday a vision came to me about my present self dancing to prosperity in all knowing and feeling of happiness, joy, & excitement.  This vision came not just about my now moments but my future moments as well.  HE is great, loving and caring for me in so many ways.  That while I was singing Amazing Grace my inner self, my inner being was playfully dancing, snapping, and joyously praising HIM and pulling me closer to Spirit. She was dancing, praising, and giving HIM all the HONOR, GLORY, and Magnitude of praise. The vision was telling me to not be scared, to share the joy, and to rejoice. HE provided words, visions, acknowledgement, and approval onto me. That all the previous sowing, hard and good times, all my experiences, all my preparation, all my prayers are NOW going to be WELL RECEIVED. They have been banked not just for me but as well for my children, and my children’s children and families.  That HE is telling me to rejoice in the NOW. HE is telling and showing me all my prayers requests have been heard.  I believe that one has to not only “ask” meaning daily conversations, daily prayers, daily guidance, daily forgiveness but one has to go past ask, belief, and receive.  Be in the KNOW so you too can also be in the happy dance moments. Be in the receptive mode and not in the contrast. Be in the happy dance mode.

GOD’s many blessing to y’all!