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Reasons Why You Should Just Get It Going

Life is complicated and easy at the same time. Sometimes one’s mindset gets is one of the main obstacles. But it’s not necessarily just the mindset.  It’s everything in between as well. Such as Ourselves, Family, Work, Family again, one’s daily duties and so on. Then one can’t focus or create a focus from a desire. But sometimes, that’s when one should just get it going.


Don't Worry About Getting It Right, Just get it Going Estela Kelley SFF

Remember when you were a kid and you would get in an argument or little disagreement with one of your friends or siblings, you would so put so much focus on that, that you couldn’t even begin to do anything else. The wheels are just spinning out of control in your head.  Bad ideas be churning up in there.  So all you do is sit around going over the fight in your head.  Now you’re putting so much focus on that.

In a sense, when you are fighting with your internal self, it’s the same thing.  No focus. Ideas and procrastination all churning around in a hamster wheel. What you do, is just begin.  When you are wanting to do something, a long forgotten desire, a submerged talent or idea that wants to resurface.  Allow it! Don’t Worry About Getting It Right, Just Get It Going. See, you can’t have momentum and worry at the same time.  It’s like that magnet game of putting two negatives so they never stick.  And neither will you, your idea, or anything you don’t put worry aside in a box and get it going.

So for you friends who like this even more broken down.  I’ve provided a list of reasons why you should get it going.

Get List Here.

Front Page Reasons Why You Should Just Get It Going Estela Kelley SFF

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Praise And Gratitude

Today is a day filled with purpose. A day filled with praise & gratitude. Funny how gratitude is really 2 words, Grateful & Attitude! Or how about Glatitude? Glad & Attitude. HE wants us to be happy. What are you most happy for today!?? I’m most happy today that I get to do things I love everyday: I love my husband and get to take my kids👬🚶‍♀️ to school, work from home & share my skills & talents. And as I was purposely putting in time for some bible reading in 🙏2 Samuel 7:21 Because of your promise & according to your will, you have done all these great things & have made them known to your servant. And then in my devotional Psalm 9:12 That HE hears every prayer & in HIS time he will reveal your answers.

Today is a Day Filled Estela Kelley SFF.png

Sometimes we get a little ancy, jump the gun, and want to shoot for the stars but GOD will reveal what needs to get done before opening your doors, your opportunities, your good choices. HE doesn’t want you to not do anything, HE wants to prepare you.

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Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things

Podcast 25 Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things

Are you ready to receive all the good things?  Good things in life? Are you ready to receive all the delicious goodies? Exciting stuff, huh.  Yes it is! Have you pushed aside all them obstacle?  Did you get your vision board ready?  When you are ready, not just say or act but seriously ready then you will feel free.  Free to create.  Opportunities for growth. Present day today.  Not yesterday!  I want to make big move, big choices, big opportunities.  These obstacles will NO longer take captive of me, my emotions, nor my growth. Pray blessings over them so they too can be prosperous and leave you be to be just YOU. There is more than enough for everyone.

Podcast Episode 25 Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things Estela Kelley SFF

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Are You Ready To Answer Your Calling?

Do you have a calling?  Do you often find yourself lost wondering aimlessly through life, have a nagging voice saying to try this, constantly asking yourself what is your purpose in life?  I have often found myself yearning or asking throughout my life even when things were safe.  Safe job. Safe car. Safe family life. I knew there was more than just going to school, finding a great job, great boss, great home life.  I needed something just for me to carve my name into it.  To find something that was all mine from the beginning to end.  I have even gone thru stages of answering multiple callings. Callings that I have failed, fixed, and grew from. And knowing now that they were all steps leading me to something else. Your Calling is calling are you ready to answer Estela Kelley SFF

We don’t all have to be creating something from scratch.  We can be making a dent in this world from a service, product, creativity, or a hobby.  We don’t need to be reinventing the wheel all the time.  Sometimes we just need to push or pull the wheel.  Change the wheels direction or change the wheel entirely.

Do you feel a desire or spark of ideas coming into your visual brain and say, “What a great idea?” Do you positively act on it or do you then start to say, “That will never work.” or “Yeah, that might not be for me.” “It will never work out.” And so, you toss the idea into the clutter gutter of your mind.

My friend, if you so even entertain the idea, have a strong desire to follow thru then you are ready to answer your calling. This is when you know you are ready to answer.  When you are ready to accept, venture, and gain more knowledge, put in the work, time, and work smart. You are ready to answer your called upon purpose.  You might find that you have multiple purposes in life.  Begin my answering one calling first.

Now, you may be thinking, how am I suppose to be hear my calling first if I can’t hear or see it.  It’s not about a visual sight or a vocal voice.  It’s something deeper.  I found myself praying more for peace, joy, and love to lead me to where I am now.  I hope you too can find that same peace, joy, and love to hear, see, and feel your purpose calling.  You might even know what it is but scared to take the next small steps.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you!

XOXO Estela Kelley (1)

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By Allowing Myself To Let Me Be

By Allowing Myself to Let Me Be, More is Developing SFF Estela KelleyBy allowing myself to let me be. Let me be me without restraints, constraints, or conformity.  Let me fly like the wind without caring about judgement.  Unapologetically giggle with all my heart and feel the laughter to my core.

Allowing myself to feel true inner happiness and peace with my being as of right now.  Being at peace in the present moment.  Allowing myself to feel gratitude for the all goodness in life has offered to myself and family.  Knowing and feeling that all that has been offered in love, abundance, and non-material has been thru source above.  Feeling that with the upmost sincerest vibration more is to develop.  More is coming my way.  More love. More abundance. More is developing while I’m in my purest gracious form of allowing myself to be me.  By allowing myself to let me be me begins with me.  And therefore, once I have allowed myself to fly, to swim, to just be me, I know more is developing in the wind, in the ocean, and in me.  More is developing to uplift me higher than before.  More is vibrating strongly to carry me thru tough times.  Stronger wind gusts are forming to push me and to get me thru some trying times.  More is developing for me. More is developing for me to ask, receive, and believe.  More is developing once I have allowed myself to be me.  More greatness is coming my way. Regardless of others, others thoughts, others judgement, others advice. I know and willingly accept and receive that more is developing for me with every atom in my body. With every feeling, thought, emotion, and desire I accept the full responsibility that more goodness is developing. By Allowing Myself To Let Me Be, More is developing.

XOXO Estela Kelley

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Importance Versus Urgency

How do you organize what is important vs. urgent?  Do you have a daily calendar to prioritize?  Do you mentally memorize your list everyday?  Do you have a chalk board where you jot it all down or on your phone calendar?  How do you separate it all when you say or agree it’s “Important” but don’t follow thru with the important work.  The important donation. Important helping hand.

Isn’t it just as important to set the priorities, follow thru than just feeling or making it important because it was jotted down.  Isn’t it important to act on them?  Or does some urgent daily matter take priority over the importance of what you say or agree upon? Daily matters such as sewing a button, starting the meal, washing clothes, etc. Yes, that’s all important but not set high as an important matter set in your heart from the source above.  Are these really urgent matters that should interfere with important matters sent from above?  Or are they excuses to state it’s important but then pushed back to the back burner even further than an urgent matter. Put priorities set forth from GOD into action. These priorities shouldn’t interfere with your daily matters. Really!  They shouldn’t if you prioritized everything according to Importance vs. Urgency.

Do these in the name of HIM and not for the reward of posting or bragging rights.  Or do you build up importance because of a social status, social ranking, or networking.  Is this important work because HE has asked you to walk in faith and do good deeds?  I hope so! Are you sharing your skills and talents in faith?  I hope so again! Is this important work benefiting you more than the work itself?  To a degree, I hope so!  I hope it’s putting a burning desire to share and not so for the reward.  HE will always be kind to those who are kindhearted and backed by kind words and deeds. You cannot be kindhearted or do kind deeds for the sake of constant rewards.  Give to expect.  That won’t work.

Maybe there’s an important message HE wants to learn from, in this important giving and you should adhere to HIS calling.  Perhaps HE is leading you to a path unbeknownst to you but you must follow through and do so with a kind heart, kind words, kind deeds and thoughts. Lead Me To Your Path

He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD,

and he will reward him for what he has done. – Proverbs 19:17

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Be Faithfully Driven

Are you faithfully driven?  Live faithfully driven?  Walk faithfully driven?  I recently finished wrapping up another podcast and these words kept coming up and awakened something in me that hasn’t been there in a long long time.  When I was in college and even high school, I loved reading books.  I loved soaking in knowledge and reading up whatever I could get my hands on for the exceptions of encyclopedias. Nothing wrong with them but I preferred romance books, science, and biographies.  One of favorites in 2nd grade was Helen Keller.  I would check out the book and then recheck it as often as I would be allowed.  Sometimes I would have the book for an entire 6 weeks!  How greedy of me!  But see, she inspired me in a world of growing up poor.  Poor side of the tracks, poor thoughts, poor environment.  Not encouraged and not being told loving words. I can’t fault my parents for that because that was my path I was surround by but reading was my ultimate escape.  So Helen Keller was my hero and how I would finish the book and automatically reread it as if I never read it. I mean come on! Hands up, pump fists, and high 5’s all around for Helen.  She was deaf, mute, and blind but yet went to college, married, wrote books, and sought after for work engagements.

Doing this last podcast brought up my past, my present moment, and my future in those 3 little words.  Be Faithfully Driven.  My present moment is being a mom, a home blogger, accountant, and wife and all these are present in my everyday life and intertwined with some life and family challenges.  Prayer is a big for me. Worship and praise and meditation are my guiders in life.  It’s all good but we all know everyone  has their own dynamic personality.  Which now brings me to the future.

As I began back into the blogging world and allowed my mind to be a creative being that we all possess I noticed things flowing in easier.  I didn’t know exactly how to enter back in with lesser distractions, lesser doubts, a more positive environment, and more love. But once I started to open the door more, I began receiving a flow of answers. A flow of direction. A flow of positive attraction.  Everything is not 100% written out for me to see but my bank is full.  It is written but I can’t see it without faith.  I have to become like Helen Keller to see what is coming.  Ironic, huh?  I can visually see but can’t be allowed to see, receive, hear, and feel.  But when I am being Faithfully Driven everything becomes clear.

Are you Faithfully Driven to your life calling, your skills, your creative juices, to your purpose for life, home, and faith? I have.  I have seen a small inkling of what is coming my way and that’s how my tagline began.  Sharing the Blessings of Life, Home, and Faith.

Be Faithfully Driven

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Create Your Life – Podcast 17

Create Your Life by doing away from stagnant areas in your life.  Create Your Life by inviting in more positive words and self encouragement.  Shower yourself with graceful and deserving words to catapult your now life to a more deserving and rewarding life.

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Episode 17 Create Your Life


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Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

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to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future.”