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Call The Promise

Call the promise Estela Kelley SFF (1)

Monday’s have become what I consider my deep Faith posting which sets the tone for my week. Sets the tone in my spirit. Every Monday or the day before I begin to hope for inspiration.  Hope for divine guidance and sometimes with much prayer for things, peace, love, faith I sometimes forget to also call the promise.  There cannot be just hope.  Hope I get the raise. Hope I find some peace and love.  Hope faith hits me soon. Hope I can carve out some blog time.  Hoping is a great thing just like asking and believing but hope doesn’t call the promise to you.  I must remember to also call the promise HE promised.  The promise that was already set from my past, my present, and set for my future.  Often times I can see myself getting distracted and having to be obedient more so with such vigor and remember to call the promise too.  I need to reach out and call out to GOD and remind HIM about HIS promises.  HE enjoys being sought and called upon. Like a loving parent. Not that HE needs reminding but to call and know that HE has promised and I too have not forgotten in the middle of my ask and believe waiting stage that HIS promises are coming.  That HE is always looking out for me not just in my prayers but in the calling of HIS promises. That I acknowledge HIS might power and favor over me.  That by calling HIS promises I’m in the knowing stage that HE is about to work some remarkable miracles in my life.  That HE works in the supernatural and for me to stand back in full faith for what is coming is on HIS terms in the middle of my hope. And once I stand back in my hope I can now receive HIS promises in the knowing of HIS promises.  Can I get an AMEN!

I hope this sets your week as well in hope and HIS promises.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you!

XOXO Estela Kelley (1)


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