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By Allowing Myself To Let Me Be

By Allowing Myself to Let Me Be, More is Developing SFF Estela KelleyBy allowing myself to let me be. Let me be me without restraints, constraints, or conformity.  Let me fly like the wind without caring about judgement.  Unapologetically giggle with all my heart and feel the laughter to my core.

Allowing myself to feel true inner happiness and peace with my being as of right now.  Being at peace in the present moment.  Allowing myself to feel gratitude for the all goodness in life has offered to myself and family.  Knowing and feeling that all that has been offered in love, abundance, and non-material has been thru source above.  Feeling that with the upmost sincerest vibration more is to develop.  More is coming my way.  More love. More abundance. More is developing while I’m in my purest gracious form of allowing myself to be me.  By allowing myself to let me be me begins with me.  And therefore, once I have allowed myself to fly, to swim, to just be me, I know more is developing in the wind, in the ocean, and in me.  More is developing to uplift me higher than before.  More is vibrating strongly to carry me thru tough times.  Stronger wind gusts are forming to push me and to get me thru some trying times.  More is developing for me. More is developing for me to ask, receive, and believe.  More is developing once I have allowed myself to be me.  More greatness is coming my way. Regardless of others, others thoughts, others judgement, others advice. I know and willingly accept and receive that more is developing for me with every atom in my body. With every feeling, thought, emotion, and desire I accept the full responsibility that more goodness is developing. By Allowing Myself To Let Me Be, More is developing.

XOXO Estela Kelley

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