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Become the Generational Blessings

Become the generational blessing to your family.  Growing up I worked as a maid with my mom at age 9.  Growing up I learned to type at age 12.  Had summer jobs. Saved my money for clothes.  Looked at every adult I knew and think, “How’s that working for you?” Never once questioned them but inside knew they were unsatisfied.  Growing up I knew I had to work once out of school and get a job, an education, or a skill. Growing up I knew I wanted to get married and have a family.  Growing up I knew I had to set the standard for my kids and that being poor would stop now.  Being happy in spirit, words,  kindness, and love would be something in my everyday world. I knew I had to be the more so my kids could be the more than.  My future family could set themselves up for success in a great satisfying job, marriage, home and passing it on.  Become the Generational Blessing To Your Family Estela Kelley SFF

And their kids could be the more than as well.  Maybe somewhere along the lines of family lineage my blessings were brought on by another family member way in my past. And this banking generational blessings were passed on.  Maybe I just decided to be more happy than others.  Maybe I was more motivated than others to want more in life.  Maybe I’ve done my time as in putting in all the work, focus, and desire. And my past family members have too.  They have done the sharecropping, planting, and harvest.  Literally farmers. And that there’s a GOD out there hearing me and my prayers. But those who can’t wait for the harvest after planting will not ever reap.  They steal of the seed.

What I realize now is that I KNOW.  I KNOW and have always known HE lives.  HE’s inside of me and everyday HE has heard me even in my sad and happy times.  That I have always reached for HIM.  But I know that I know that I know. I know that I am suppose to pass on generational blessings. Have you set your generational blessings into motion?


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