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Be The Good – Deep Faith Monday Fire Series #44

Be the good to people. Be kind and pass on some random acts of kindness. Perhaps allow the person behind you who has just a few items to check out before your top filled basket gets emptied onto the conveyor belt.  Let the blicking car next to you in that long school line get in front of you to make that right turn. You’ve heard of someone getting blessed and paying for their coffee.  Being good to people doesn’t take much.  It’s a random act of kindness.  A love of human beings and the willingness to give.

_Make Someones Day 2019 EK.png

Make someone’s day. How can you be a blessing today? Everyday? Perhaps bring a coworker a cup of coffee. Do the dishes for your spouse. Bring home some flowers to your wife. Blessings bring a smile to your face and others. Blessings bring GOD a smile on HIS face too. Being good to people doesn’t cost much. Blessings come from the heart. Sometimes it’s taking time to listen to someone. Holding the door for the person behind you. Helping your neighbor or bringing them over some hot tea when they’re sick. It’s out of pure kindness from the heart and love and selfishness. When GOD sees that HE sees the goodness you are randomly bringing to someone else. Take time and begin a campaign on making someone’s day today and everyday.


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