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Be Still & Know

Woke up to being told to “Be Still & Know”.  In faith I can take it several ways.  One is to actually be still and know that everything I’m doing, I’m doing right.  And that everything is working out for me.  Now I have already reached that level of everything “IS” working out for me.  I know that and feel that in all my desires. So “Be Still & Know” wasn’t that everything I’m doing is right but rather sending me messages of what is coming. And to prepare myself for all the other desires and questions I have faithfully been needing answers for. The flow of everything in question is coming together and not to be still and worry.  Not to be still and get frustrated over the things I cannot yet see.  Not to be still over the not knowing because questions and answers are now interlinking at such a high speed and that I better sit down to receive.  Because isn’t it better to be still and know and allow all the blessings to flow thru?  I do.  Today I’m going to be still and know.

Be Still and Know Estela Kelley Share the Flippin Fun

I hope this gets to someone that needs to hear this as well.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you.

XOXO Estela Kelley

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