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Be Faithfully Driven

Are you faithfully driven?  Live faithfully driven?  Walk faithfully driven?  I recently finished wrapping up another podcast and these words kept coming up and awakened something in me that hasn’t been there in a long long time.  When I was in college and even high school, I loved reading books.  I loved soaking in knowledge and reading up whatever I could get my hands on for the exceptions of encyclopedias. Nothing wrong with them but I preferred romance books, science, and biographies.  One of favorites in 2nd grade was Helen Keller.  I would check out the book and then recheck it as often as I would be allowed.  Sometimes I would have the book for an entire 6 weeks!  How greedy of me!  But see, she inspired me in a world of growing up poor.  Poor side of the tracks, poor thoughts, poor environment.  Not encouraged and not being told loving words. I can’t fault my parents for that because that was my path I was surround by but reading was my ultimate escape.  So Helen Keller was my hero and how I would finish the book and automatically reread it as if I never read it. I mean come on! Hands up, pump fists, and high 5’s all around for Helen.  She was deaf, mute, and blind but yet went to college, married, wrote books, and sought after for work engagements.

Doing this last podcast brought up my past, my present moment, and my future in those 3 little words.  Be Faithfully Driven.  My present moment is being a mom, a home blogger, accountant, and wife and all these are present in my everyday life and intertwined with some life and family challenges.  Prayer is a big for me. Worship and praise and meditation are my guiders in life.  It’s all good but we all know everyone  has their own dynamic personality.  Which now brings me to the future.

As I began back into the blogging world and allowed my mind to be a creative being that we all possess I noticed things flowing in easier.  I didn’t know exactly how to enter back in with lesser distractions, lesser doubts, a more positive environment, and more love. But once I started to open the door more, I began receiving a flow of answers. A flow of direction. A flow of positive attraction.  Everything is not 100% written out for me to see but my bank is full.  It is written but I can’t see it without faith.  I have to become like Helen Keller to see what is coming.  Ironic, huh?  I can visually see but can’t be allowed to see, receive, hear, and feel.  But when I am being Faithfully Driven everything becomes clear.

Are you Faithfully Driven to your life calling, your skills, your creative juices, to your purpose for life, home, and faith? I have.  I have seen a small inkling of what is coming my way and that’s how my tagline began.  Sharing the Blessings of Life, Home, and Faith.

Be Faithfully Driven

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