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Basil Pesto ala Presto

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner!  Format has sort of changed but concept is the same! Good Food and Good Gatherings at our home and with you! It must be PESTO month!

Basil Pesto ala Presto EK Sunday Dinners.png

Watch here how I make it with my wild Texas Size Bun! It’s hot in Texas & I love it!

This is a basic sauce I use over my grilled chicken. Cook chicken until done and drizzle some of my Basil Pesto ala Presto and heat thoroughly at the end of the chicken cooking. Should only take a couple of minutes. This is how I make my green chicken! Can also spread some on a sandwich or salad!


Items Used: Oster Blender | Plastic Container Cups | Small Wood Serving Bowls

From my kitchen to your table! Bon Appetit!



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