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Are You Ready To Receive All The Good Things

OMG I can’t believe an entire month went by and it’s already February!
Are you ready? I hope so. Are you ready for all the delicious blessings coming your way? It’s so delicious because you want more of it. Have you pushed aside all the obstacles in your way and set a path for an abundance of flowing blessings to pour in?
Did you sign up for your vision board classes or materials, purchased that fancy planner, and other classes you so thought about that will help you make them little changes in your life?
Realistically speaking I do have a planner because I need to be organized in my work.  I need to be organized and disciplined in ways beyond belief when I’m being pulled in 5 different directions and only have a gap of time to fully focus and work. You working moms and dads know what I mean. I can do all the mom and wife things in my sleep. It’s a juggling act but a doable act if planned accordingly. I pray over my daily things. Daily health. Daily thoughts. 
Are you ready for every good and great possible thing to happen to you and for you this month?
See I believe when you are ready and not just think and say you are ready, good things happen.  When you have mentally prepared yourself in your daily thoughts and that these old things will no longer bother me because they keep me stuck. And I want to keep moving forward.  I want to have opportunities and growth from here on out. From present day today.  Today.  Not yesterday. But today.  I want to take big leaps.  Big moves.  Big decisions that place me and my future in big opportunities and big choices.
Make a conscious decision that these people that are sucking the life out of you will no longer have a hold of you and keep you captive.  That blessings may fall on them as well so you can keep moving on.  You must pray over your enemies and over your daily thoughts so new thoughts will set in place. New circumstances begin to flow in.
There is more than enough opportunities for everyone in this world to succeed.  More than enough abundance to ask, believe, and receive.  More than enough chances to keep on getting up every day and push through.
When you can’t physically, mentally, and spiritually push through you are not ready. Don’t sign up for any classes or make rash decisions until you have put in warfare into action.  Put it into your every day waking up to.  Every day going to sleep. To every day warfare thoughts, people, and places.
Set it into action and when you are ready, you will know in your heart that the world is ready to bless you with everything you have been ready for.  You just needed to be on the right path to be able to receive this inflow of whatever blessings that are stored for you and your future.
XOXO Estela Kelley (1)

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