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Are You Ready To Answer Your Calling?

Do you have a calling?  Do you often find yourself lost wondering aimlessly through life, have a nagging voice saying to try this, constantly asking yourself what is your purpose in life?  I have often found myself yearning or asking throughout my life even when things were safe.  Safe job. Safe car. Safe family life. I knew there was more than just going to school, finding a great job, great boss, great home life.  I needed something just for me to carve my name into it.  To find something that was all mine from the beginning to end.  I have even gone thru stages of answering multiple callings. Callings that I have failed, fixed, and grew from. And knowing now that they were all steps leading me to something else. Your Calling is calling are you ready to answer Estela Kelley SFF

We don’t all have to be creating something from scratch.  We can be making a dent in this world from a service, product, creativity, or a hobby.  We don’t need to be reinventing the wheel all the time.  Sometimes we just need to push or pull the wheel.  Change the wheels direction or change the wheel entirely.

Do you feel a desire or spark of ideas coming into your visual brain and say, “What a great idea?” Do you positively act on it or do you then start to say, “That will never work.” or “Yeah, that might not be for me.” “It will never work out.” And so, you toss the idea into the clutter gutter of your mind.

My friend, if you so even entertain the idea, have a strong desire to follow thru then you are ready to answer your calling. This is when you know you are ready to answer.  When you are ready to accept, venture, and gain more knowledge, put in the work, time, and work smart. You are ready to answer your called upon purpose.  You might find that you have multiple purposes in life.  Begin my answering one calling first.

Now, you may be thinking, how am I suppose to be hear my calling first if I can’t hear or see it.  It’s not about a visual sight or a vocal voice.  It’s something deeper.  I found myself praying more for peace, joy, and love to lead me to where I am now.  I hope you too can find that same peace, joy, and love to hear, see, and feel your purpose calling.  You might even know what it is but scared to take the next small steps.

With much love, grace, and favor onto you!

XOXO Estela Kelley (1)

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