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Amazing Strawberry Dump Cake

Welcome to our HOME for Dinner!

Wait a minute!  This is isn’t dinner or a side dish to a dinner.

It’s better. Because on Sunday Dinner you just gotta have an amazing dessert to get the week started right.  Sometimes in my home, I’d allow the kids to eat the dessert first before the big dinner to shake things up and make them feel in control that their little kid thoughts do matter to me.  It would be so enjoyable to see the kids eyes just light up as if they were doing something bad but I was enjoying the same dessert with them.  Giggling and a laughing like a little family of monkeys playing outside.  Just wild days! The kids are now teenagers so don’t know if they would still feel as happy about it or just as giggly like they did back then.  Maybe I need to do that again just to get a riot of laughter!

It’s an amazing easy peasy dessert to make with just 3 simple ingredients.


1 Stick of Butter (I used unsalted here.)

1 Can of Fruit Filling and Toppings (Any flavor you like.)

1 Box of Cake Mix (Again, any flavor you think would go well with your fruit filling and topping.)

1 Cake Baking Pansr cake round baking pans

sr ice cream scoopers Ice Cream Scooper

Small Serving Bowls  sr bowls


So here we go to making this very easy enjoyable dessert!

Strawberry Dump Cake (1)

Step 1:  Gather all you ingredients and preheat oven to 400

Step 2: Slightly grease your cake pan with the butter stick and pour in your fruit filling/topping. I used a *glass pie pan here. Just as long as it has breathing room to spread out evenly and not so pile up like a loaf pan can do.

Step 3:  Make sure and spread it out evenly.

Step 4: Pour the cake mix over the fruit filling/topping.

Strawberry Dump Cake (2)



Step 5:  Spread out and break up the big chunks by hand preferably that way you don’t mix the fruit filling with the cake mix.  The cake mix needs to rest on top.



Step 6:  Cut up about half a stick of butter into small bit size chunks and gently drop through out.




Strawberry Dump Cake (3)



Step 7: I would suggest to cover with foil lightly where the heat can breathe in.  I simply laid my foil sheet over without pinching it around tightly

Slide into your preheated oven for about 25 minutes.


Step 8:  For the last 10 minutes, uncover so it can brown up on top.  When it’s toasted brown on top and fruit filling/topping is bubbling through, it’s done.


Can be served alone, over ice cream, or over yogurt.  Serve on a plate, ceramic bowls, or *plastic cups for quick clean end. Possibilities are endless.

From my home to your dinner table!  Enjoy!  Buen Provecho! (Enjoy Your Meal!)

Strawberry Dump Cake (4)

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