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Amazing Products To Get Home Holiday Ready!

Easy ways to tackle the home for the holiday visitors!  If you cannot get a cleaning person to come over to clean and prep your home you can still get a clean home with some prepping in mind for your most used areas of the home.

First of all, when you consider what rooms most family and visitors see are the main living areas such as the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, den/hearth, and back porch.

We are basically going to start at top and give everything a general quick dusting such as corners of rooms where cobwebs usually form, window and/or blinds, & ceiling fans.  This won’t take but 10 to 15 minutes if you have some music blasting and having fun with it.

Next, begin to quickly polish your most obvious areas of furniture. Then sweep and vacuum and a quick mop with your favorite cleaning solutions. You can even begin the cleaning process 2 to 3 days earlier so on the night before the big event give everything a quick spray, dust over, and wipe down.  Tidy up time.

Don’t forget the bathrooms either.  One of the most visited areas and keep it well stocked with toiletries, extra towels, & hand soap.  Quick tip:  Insert an extra trash bag in every trash can in your home.  Makes clean up time so much easier and less worrisome to go back to your pantry to get another trash bag.

Have some handy clean up towels you won’t miss tossing away or throwing them in washer and set and forget.  For your fine china and fine wares, have some softer towels such as the fiber soft towels to avoid scratches.

You can get your home clean quickly if you plan accordingly and begin a few days to 5 days before your holiday visit.

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