Welcome Y’all to my Share the Flippin’ Fun site. My name is Estela Kelley a born and raised Texas native! I’m a desperate housewife! I live in the Lone Star State. Wife of the Big Kahuna, love GOD & everything FAITH! Obsessed with my family & Mittens (our Tuxedo Cat). Welcome to my Lonestar state!

I’m a self-declared headband bandit by default. My beautiful baby daughter is the one who inspired me to attempt to make her a monkey headband.  I love a good challenge. Wore a good one to the store and the store clerk was so impressed to know where did I buy it at? An idea sparked and has Blessfully grown to sharing the blessings of information of My Inner Hobby & More for Creatives, & Daily Living in the armadilla lifestyle.

I wear ’em headbands and people will ask where I purchased them from. What a hooting story those are! More on the blog later.

My daughter’s friends will purchase them from her.

I have sold thousands to girls little leagues! Now that one tickles me.

And… it’s all 100% handmade. I have destroyed a few good manicures I’ll say.

I have been obsessed with colors, materials, glitz, & bling and making heads prettier and sparkle!  Did someone say GLITTER!  OH, the fun doesn’t stop there because now I have DIY bundles where someone like me can now show you how to create these passionate projects!

And this was entered into my heart ever since when I deeply needed some more Jesus in my life and the ride hasn’t stopped.

I blog a little, cook a little, like a little easy fashion, home ideas to clothing to gardening! And anything that helps me run the daily family business and family duties! Amen!!!! It’s not like the old days anymore. There is so much help. Ask and you shall receive. #blessthismess

I ‘m normally a casual kick back kinda gal to full on makeup days!

Latest Pet Peeve & I’m keeping track:  People who hog up the entire veggie section.  There has got to be some grocery cart etiquette here!

Elated you stopped by and I’ll see you on the other side soon.

EK- Share the Flippin’ Fun!!!


Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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